“Made by hand without compromise” Momotaro's products have proved this slogan. 

The Japanese denim brand MOMOTARO JEANS was founded at Kojima Okayama in 2006, where is the birth place of Japanese domestic jeans. Artisan keep inherit the great techniques tradition and at coastal small town, Kojima. They believe “Jeans” are not only fashion items but also the tool for creating lifestyle. Those who succeed in life take care of themselves and select only the best quality tools. Quality tools serve as encouragement toward self-betterment and attract good luck and success. Through Okayama artisan spirit, they understand what denim is to its core, and our unwavering commitment to the intricate art of dyeing, weaving, sewing and washing, results in the highest quality “Jeans”.

In order to make life, living and the mind richer through jeans (tool), MOMOTARO JEANS is not just a fashion brand that simply offers the latest trends, they are a real clothing brand to be loved forever.
For the enjoyable casual life of young-at-heart adults, for the artisans of life who march to the beat of their own drum, they offer jeans as real quality “tools”.