Heritage Brand Handmade Shoes In France For Over 100 Years. 

Paraboot shoes are still made in France today. No fewer than 150 manual operations are required to produce them. That’s just as many as in 1908, when the company had just a handful of employees. During the course of its history, the family company has chosen to maintain the more complicated construction methods, such as "Norwegian construction" and "Goodyear construction", passing on the values that have made the company’s reputation – comfort, impeccable finish and timeless appeal. Paraboot still manufactures most of its soles from rubber, and has done so since 1927, when Rémy Richard (The Founder) first began to use natural rubber to make soles. This is an exception in the world of shoes.

Did you know?

Natural rubber - A huge innovation

The legendary flexibility and resistance of Paraboot rubber soles comes from the fact that they are made from natural latex using an exclusive vulcanisation process, the formula for which is top secret! This blend was made on site in the Tullins-Fures factory until the early 1960s. Today the sheets arrive ready for use. Paraboot is however one of the last remaining shoe manufacturers to use it.