Wearing the San Cosmo Indy:  My original thought for this boot was for it to be a workwear style boot that would pair perfect with raw selvedge denim or khakis.  However, the beautiful chestnut color and textured leather lends itself to work well with blue and grey trousers just as well.  See the attached pictures for examples of both wear options.
Leather Care: Simply wipe down with a damp cloth after each wear.  Use a horsehair brush for additional upkeep.  Use a small amount of wax paste only when absolutely necessary.  
About the designer: JD Sasso has been an Alden Enthusiast since 2010.  JD is also an American and Japanese selvedge denim addict, and prefers to wear his Aldens and selvedge denim while rotating vinyl albums at a speed of 33 rpm.  JD has two kids who constantly ask him to stop taking pictures of his shoes, and a wonderful wife who tolerates, but does not understand, his collection of Alden shoes.