Contre Allée for Brogue Polo Loafers

Contre Allée



Color: Natural / Green 
Woven Natural Raffia Upper
Traditional Craft Dyeing
Leather Outsole
Leather Insole
Handcrafted in Morocco


How to wear

You can wear the raffia shoes with jeans, trousers or shorts. Raffia shoes are always worn barefoot, to take advantage of the natural fiber, which adapts to your feet, and benefits from very good breathability. To wear raffia shoes you just need to see sunny weather, and take advantage of a bright day to go out and walk around wearing raffia shoes. 

How to soften 

The first few days, for some feet, raffia shoes can seem a bit stiff. This is normal because the raffia will relax and adapt to the shape of the foot. To soften raffia shoes, it is advisable to put a sock on your foot for the first few days, so that the raffia adapts a little more to the shape of the foot, without hindering the wearing. Once the shoes have been worn a few times with the sock, you can then remove the sock so that the raffia shoe is softened.

How to care

The best way to protect raffia shoes is to avoid the changeable weather.To protect raffia shoes, they must not come into contact with water, rain or bad weather. Raffia shoes are natural fibres, therefore more sensitive to nature. Raffia shoes are ideal for summer, under the sun.



Nike US size 9, please take size 41 in these raffia loafers.

Alden Aberdeen Last Tassel Loafer size US 8D, take size 41 in these loafers.