Freewheelers "Bridgeport" Vest



#2231002 "Bridgeport" VEST
Outdoor Hunting Vest
Color : Charcoal Black Grain

Introducing the "Bridgeport Vest" from Freewheelers' "GREAT LAKES GMT.MFG.CO."
This is a vest with all beautiful hunting jacket details.
It has many pockets with excellent storage capacity, and the design of each pocket is tastefully arranged.

The fabric used is the original beach cloth.
The color is charcoal black, giving it a vintage style look.
The chest pockets are designed asymmetrically.
Union label inside the pocket.
There is also a pocket on the back.
The front buttons are engraved nut buttons.
This vest is recommended as a mainstay for styling or as a layer.


- Original beach clothing fabric
- Cotton and wool thread woven together
- Asymmetrical designed chest pockets.
- Hunting jacket waist pockets
- Union label inside the pocket
- Back pockets
- Vintage style nut buttons
- Made in Japan