Freewheelers Winter Combat Jacket



Label "UNION SPECIAL OVERALLS" from the Freewheelers & Co. 
 "70th Tank Battalion Company C" Winter Combat Jacket  
1940s Civilian Military Style

100% Cotton 
100% Wool Lining
Color : Khaki 

This jacket features ribbed front zipper, collar, hem and sleeves, with two pockets and back pleats. The front pockets are high slash pockets, which is a characteristic detail of the late tanker jacket model. By using the heavy cotton fabric with the wool lining, this jacket is super dubrable and warm. 

This jacket was customized with a background by using the prints and patches that it was worn by the crew of the C company of the 1944th armored tank battalion who participated in the Normandy landing operation. THUNDERBOLT printed on the front placket is the nickname for this jacket. 

Originally it's a loose fit jacket with action pleats on the back, very easy to wear with jeans or other casual pants.