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Levis Vintage Clothing 1933 501XX (DEAD STOCK)

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A pair of jeans from 1933 had belt loops, but still had the cinch and suspender buttons, offering a variety of ways they could be worn. Some owners wore their jeans with a belt. They cut off the cinch right at the rivet and removed the suspender buttons, choosing not to wear their Levi’s® jeans with suspenders, like the older generation. Some Levi’s® brand retailers even kept a big pair of scissors at the cash desk to cut the cinch off for their customers. The 1933 501® Jean also featured the redesigned “Guarantee Ticket” on the back pocket of the jeans. Levi Strauss & Co. had trademarked the name “Levi’s®” in 1927 because any pair of denim pants were being called “Levi’s®” no matter who made them. Instead of reading, “This is a pair of them”, as seen on the original ticket from 1892, the new ticket read “This Is A Pair Of Levi’s®”. Also under the leather patch was a small white cloth label printed with the blue eagle and the letters “NRA”. This was the National Recovery Act logo, which LS&Co. was allowed to use because the company abided by the labor rules of President Franklin Roosevelt’s National Recovery Administration during the Depression years of the 1930s.


  • 10 oz Cone Mill White Oak Selvedge Denim (Because Cone Mill Factory was closed down last year, the fabric is extremely limited now which could be lasting for only couple months production in Levis)
  • Non-Stretch Denim
  • Button Fly
  • 5-pocket styling
  • Color transfer may occur onto other surfaces. This garment will fade and change appearance over time.
  • Wash And Dry Inside Out With Like Colors; Liquid Detergent Is Recommended; Shrinkage In Wash Approximately 10%


  • Sits at waist
  • Regular fit through thigh
  • Straight leg opening: 18"
  • Measurements based on size 32


How to wear ?

One of my favorite straight cut denim which is really comfortable on the thigh and sit. Straight leg for a relax fitting. Make it 2 inch cuff with a pair of Alden loafers will be the complete sharp looking. You can also wear it with your suit jacket or any dress shirt, that will be very casual smart. 

Notice: Never wash them, otherwise they shrink about 2 inches at the length and 2 inches at the waist. If you need to wash them when you get them, please take 2 size up.