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Resolute Slim Straight One Washed Denim - 710



This is the classic model of RESOLUTE with slim straight fit.

It is faithfully use the old denim fabric from 1960s. The 710 is a mid-rise, slim tapered cut. It’s Hayashi-san’s interpretation of a late 60s Levi’s jeans, though  it’s much slimmer than the original. The legs are cut slim with a strong taper, resulting in a slim silhouette.

Hayashi describes the denim of the 710 as a faithful reproduction of Levi’s 60s denim. Therefore, a resemblance to Cone denim shouldn’t surprise anyone. You won’t find heavy slubbing at all.

One Wash
Button Fly
Paper Patch
13.5oz Original Japanese Old Indigo Selvedge Denim
Made in Japan

The waist size is the actual size measured. For example, W30 means the measurement is 30 inch circumference in the waist. However, it will be stretched out about 1 inch. 

Sizing Suggestion:

The 710 model we carry are one washed version which is actually very comfortable. The fabric are pre-shrinked, it won't shrink anymore no matter how much often do you wash them. They will stretch out about 1 inch after couple days wearing.

For example: If you were regular denim waist 32, we will suggest you take W33 for a good fitting, it will be really tight when you put them on. After couple hours wearing , you will feel they stretched very well, and you don't need use a belt. If you want more comfortable and maybe for a low waist wearing, or if you want roomier on the sit and thigh and you like to use belt, then please take W34.