Old Joe Beltless Jean Trousers

Old Joe


100% Cotton
12.4 oz Denim Fabric
Made in Japan
The new standard denim features a wide fit reminiscent of vintage painter pants, with a slight taper for a modern touch. Unique details from 1930s workwear, such as triple needle stitching, square home base pockets, and a minimalistic waist without a belt, present a modern impression.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail from the 12.4oz OLDJOE original denim thread, we aimed to capture the original bulkiness and rustic nep texture. The warp threads are dyed with a deep indigo dye, creating a strong contrast against the uneven, nep-shaped weft threads selected from a relatively beige-toned cotton and twisted tightly. The fabric, known as "Kibata," undergoes a special sanforization process to prevent shrinkage, resulting in a soft texture rather than the rigid surface typical of sanforized denim. This preserves the softness inherent to Kibata denim, resulting in an elegant denim fabric. 


30(S) Waist: 81cm, Rise: 29.5cm, Thigh width: 35cm, Inseam: 78cm
32(M) Waist: 84cm, Rise: 30.5cm, Thigh width: 36.5cm, Inseam: 78cm
34(L) Waist: 87cm, Rise: 31.5cm, Thigh width: 37.5cm, Inseam: 80.5cm
36(XL) Waist: 90cm, Rise: 32.5cm, Thigh width: 39cm, Inseam: 80.5cm