Old Joe Pleated Silk Sporting Shorts

Old Joe


Color: Bone  
25% Silk, 75% Polyerster 
Made in Japan

A unique pair of shorts that can also be proposed as part of a suit set. The back waist features gathers, making it an easy-to-wear pant without the need for a belt. The front panel is adorned with pleats and crease lines, striking a balance between casual and formal, and the absence of belt loops ensures a beautiful silhouette even when tucked in. Inspired by archive pieces from the mid-century era.

The material is a high-density taffeta from ETIQUE, Italy, exuding unparalleled luxury with its simplicity. By incorporating silk into the weft yarn, it creates a supple texture and a deep, lustrous shine.


30(S) Waist: 69-85cm, Rise: 30cm, Thigh width: 34.5cm, Inseam: 19cm
32(M) Waist: 72-88cm, Rise: 31cm, Thigh width: 35.5cm, Inseam: 19cm
34(L) Waist: 75-91cm, Rise: 32cm, Thigh width: 36.5cm, Inseam: 20cm
36(XL) Waist: 78-94cm, Rise: 33cm, Thigh width: 37.5cm, Inseam: 20cm