Old Joe Riveted One Pocket Jean Jacket

Old Joe


100% Cotton 
10.7oz uneven yarn triple warp denim
Made in Japan


Old Joe's signature denim product, the one-pocket denim jacket, sets itself apart from typical designs with a neatly folded collar reminiscent of a shirt, exuding a refined impression without being too open. It features intricate details such as large pockets on the lining and selvedge cuffs, adding subtle touches of sophistication. This season, we exclusively offer artisanally aged denim jackets to recreate a natural color fade, omitting the release of rigid denim.

Crafted from 10.7oz uneven yarn triple warp denim, with a slightly higher number of warp threads, and a 2/1 right-hand twill weave design, creating a less pronounced twill compared to the standard 3/1 right-hand twill. Despite its flat appearance, the combination of uneven warp yarns and natural variations in weft yarns adds a subtle accent. The dyeing process for the warp yarn includes pure indigo rope dyeing and sulfur black rope dyeing by Kaihara, providing a rich, uniquely Japanese indigo blue that develops beautiful aging over time.


36(S) Shoulder width: 52cm, Chest width: 111cm, Sleeve length: 56.5cm, Length: 62.5cm
38(M) Shoulder width: 53.5cm, Chest width: 116cm, Sleeve length: 57.5cm, Length: 63.5cm
40(L) Shoulder width: 55cm, Chest width: 122cm, Sleeve length: 122cm, Length: 64.5cm
42(XL) Shoulder width: 56.5cm, Chest width: 128cm, Sleeve length: 128cm, Length: 65.5cm