Alden x Brogue Jungle Boot (CXL Version)




-Barrie Last
-Horween Brown CXL
-360 Degree Flat Welt
-Alden Light Weight Wedge Sole

I always want a pair of chromexcel leather boot with unique design, light weight sole, but not indy boot although the 403 is a classic model. The jungle boot came to my mind. The first version of jungle boot we made is a green chamois leather version, they are popular and sold out earlier last year. However, we still get calls and requests for the jungle boot every month.

With our signature Jungle boot design, the cap toe double stitches and the heel counter double stitches, they came out very beautiful and comfortable as I expected. They can be a upgrade and replacement of your "R" brand boot I guess lol. I highly recommend you take them right now, otherwise, it will be another one year waiting for the restock. They must be very popular!