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Alden x Brogue Highland Tanker Boot



-Horween Color 8 Shell Cordovan
-Barrie Last
 -Hand Sewn Split Toe
-Antique 360 Degree Flat Welt and Edge
-Eyelets and Speed Hooks
-Double Oiled Sole
-Quarter Stitch


People call them the King of Boots.

This is our newest version Tanker Boot with the quarter stitch which makes the boot sleeker looking but still roomy and comfortable. Small detail makes big difference on the appearance. We also made them with double oiled leather sole in this version to make them clean and sharp. We are proud to have this exclusive design!!


Complete the look with a color 8 shell cordovan belt from Alden. It's been many years since last time I saw the shell cordovan belts from Alden. Very rare and small quantity produced. We are one of the top selected Alden Shell Cordovan Belts Venders in the world.  


We only ship Alden shoes within United States.