Alden x Brogue Mocc Walker Blucher 2.0




-Madison Brown Calf
-Leydon Last
-360 Degree Reverse Welt
-Light Weight Mini Lug Rubber Sole
-Made in USA

This is an underrated design. Please do not see them as a regular 5 eyelets or 6 eyelets v-tip blucher. They are totally different.

The leydon last has a very narrow arch and strong support, the forefoot is fairly wide and comfortable. With only 4 eyelets, the instep is open and much more comfortable.  This time, we bring them back with the mini lug rubber sole, super light weight, waterproof. Versatile and durable !! 



Take 1/2 size larger than your barrie last size. 

Example: 9D Barrie = 9.5D Leydon or 9E Leydon 


Exclusively made for BROGUE

We only ship Alden shoes within United States.