Alden x Brogue V-Tip Boot (Color 8)


-Barrie Last
-Color 8 Shell Cordovan 
-360 Degree Antique Reverse Welt and Edge
-Eyelets and Speed Hooks
​-Commando Sole
-Made in USA
Design Story:

The V-tip Boot and V-Tip Chukka Boot designs we tried to make them back in May 2017, however, by that time Alden didn't accept these two designs due to some pattern match reasons. After about one year waiting, we cancel the orders in 2018.

Finally, in early 2019, we got a good news that Alden has successfully made samples of these two designs, so we can order them again. 

We are really happy about this design we wanted for years. 


Barrie is the best casual rounded last for everyone. Easy to wear and comfy enough. It's one of the best lasts to make v-tip pattern in both shoes and boots. For such a casual boot, we definitely want to make them with reverse welt, commando sole and speedhooks for you to easily put on or take off your shoes. 


Exclusively Made For Brogue 
We only ship Alden shoes within United States.