Attractions Lot.600 Boots Socks -Black&White Border



Renewal of our boot socks, one of a long-running item.
Dry-type acrylic ”drynova” is used for the front thread, and ”Lycra®︎”, which has a deodorizing function, is used for the back thread. It has the functions of hygroscopic, quick-drying and deodorizing effect. Reinforced toe and heel for added durability. The softness and thickness that wrap around the foot improve the fit of the shoe. All-season socks for those who love boots and leather shoes.

This is the best boot socks to go with your Lot 444 Engineer Boots. 

One size fits all

Black / White

Drynova , Lycra®︎
(C 42%, AC42%, PE14%, PU2%)

Made in Japan