Attractions x Brogue Lot 380 Horsehide Stallion Jacket



This leather jacket is a timeless classic from the 1930s, featuring a belt back and side buckles. Its simple yet elegant design makes it perfect for everyday wear. The short body length pairs beautifully with high-rise trousers, enhancing proportions for a better look. In collaboration with Attractions, we've crafted this jacket in olive green horsehide from Japan's renowned Shinki tannery. The matte-finished, hand-dyed leather ages gracefully, revealing its tea-core in no time. This piece is a must-have for all leather jacket enthusiasts.

Custom Olive Green (Brownish Green) Shinki Veg-tanned Horsehide exclusively for BROGUE. Hand-dyed and non-finished leather. (The final process is omitted). It will show beautiful "tea-core" patina when aged.

Wool and nylon.


  • BILTBUCK’s original classical thin side-buckles.
  • Big vintage style collar.
  • Arm pit ventilation holes. 
  • Welted pockets.
  • Buttoned sleeves.
  • Vintage type WALDES zipper with U-stop and eyelet-end.
  • Made in Japan.
  • BROGUE Exclusive