Attractions x Motor Shoulder Bag



Hideo Motoike himself was in charge of the design and production of the MOTOR shoulder bag, which was released as a limited edition with custom specifications for Attractions co. The bag was made using full vegetable-tanned horsehide leather, known for its use in BILTBUCK’s lot.444 engineer boots, and heavyweight canvas treated with ”Dragon Waterproofing”, a wax coating renowned for its water resistance. Various details were added to the design, including shoulder pads, outer pockets, and inner pockets, while the bottom was reinforced with leather. This updated special edition allows for the full enjoyment of aging and patina development over time.

From the Owner of ATTRACTIONS, Tomonari Nishizaki:

I first met Mr. Hideo Motoike about 15 years ago.
It was during the early days of ATTRACTIONS when we had just started.
Since then, I have learned a lot from him about motorcycles, leather, vintage,
and antiques, which has greatly influenced the direction of ATTRACTIONS today. Personally, I am also a fan of MOTOR and MOTO products and often wear them.
This time, I received exciting news from Mr. Ryota Motoike, his son,
and I decided to collaborate on a project using the horsebutt leather,
which is used in the construction of BILTBUCK Lot.444 engineer boots,
to create a shoulder bag for MOTOR that I have been using for years.
We have made further updates from the previous model,
and I am thrilled that we will be able to release a very exciting product in 2024.

"MOTOR" Brand Info:
In 2011, on its 40th anniversary, the project ”MOTOR” was launched to showcase the lifestyle of Mr. Hideo Motoike. Under the direction of him,the project presents various products inspired by antique aesthetics seen in his doll artworks made of genuine leather, as well as his hobbies like motorcycle culture and craftsmanship influenced by military and Native American themes.

  • Color: Black x Olive
  • Model # A20031 
  • Material: Tea-Core Maryam Horsehide, Cotton Canvas
  • Measurement (cm): Width 38 x Height 30 x Depth 16 
  • Made in Japan