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Belafonte Ragtime Doro Mole 506J Buckle Back Jacket



100% Cotton 

Color : Doro Brown 

Each piece is slightly different because of the mud dye process of the fabric. Super unique and beautiful patina. 

Mud dyeing is a fascinating process. The base fabric is initially soaked in a natural mordant made from plant seeds which helps fix the dye to the fabric and prevent fading. The mud is then applied by hand to one side of the fabric and the fabric is laid out to dry in the sun.

At first the mud is grey but the fabric is then stored inside and over time the colour develops into this warm brown and rust colour. It takes 6 months in storage to fix the dye and to achieve this deep colour, after which the fabric is washed and sun dried once again.

Mud cloth can be hand washed in cold water and mild detergent without much colour loss.

Made in Japan