Codina Square Jewels Studded Belt

Codina Leather


Color: Black  

1 3/4" belt
Early 1930's Floral & Serpentine Embossing
Square Jewels and Spots Pattern Studded
New old stock Vintage Glass Jewels
Nickel Plated Steel Pressed 1930's "Indian motif" Buckle 
Hand Painted Edges
Herman Oak Grade A Cowhide Leather
Made in Nevada, USA


A quintessential western belt design from the 1930's mail order catalog belts. Classic elements such as the steel Indian motif buckle, flower embossing and square jewel and spots patterns. In designing and recreating these classic patterns, the design can quickly become crowded if the right elements aren't used but these diagonal patterns break up the squares in just the right way.


If the size is 34 means A to B is 34".

From the bottom of the buckle tongue to the middle hole as the picture shown below.
3/4" between every two holes