Codina x Brogue Floral Embossed Jewels Studded Belt

Codina Leather


Color: Black

3/4" to 1" tapered belt
NOS 1930's North & Judd Nickel Silver 4-piece Buckle Set
Herman Oak Grade A Cowhide Leather
New Old Stock Vintage Glass Jewels
Early 1930s Floral and Scalloped Embossing
Made in Nevada, USA

Exclusively for BROGUE

This is a custom belt for us from Codina Leather by using the extremely rare 1930's new old stock silver plated 4-piece buckle set. It's thick enough with the top grain cowhide bridle leather, but not too heavy although there are beautiful jewels studded on. It's truly 30s-40s vintage style belt. Wear it hard, it will break in with a nice amazing patina over years. 



If the size is 34 means A to B is 34".

From the bottom of the buckle tongue to the 4th hole as the picture shown below.
3/4" between every two holes