LHN Fellowship Souvenir Ring



The face of the ring has a handshake - symbolizing friendship or 'fellowship', along with a Sunrise and Floral engraving, above and below. The accents on the sides of the ring are shields with the Fleur-de-Lis. The ring was inspired by Masonic and Odd Fellows Fork Art.


The face and side accents are made from brass and the ring itself is made from solid silver. This is a large ring with a nice weight to it. The face is aprox 1 inch x 3/4 inch.

Origins of the Ring

This type of ring is known as a Mexican Biker Ring or Souvenir Ring.  After the Mexican Civil War the currency plummeted and the Peso was almost valueless. Jewelers melted the coins down and made them into these large rings. Tourist from America would visit and buy the rings as Souvenirs. Also, biker gangs would come down to the border and buy these rings and use them instead of the then illegal Knuckle Dusters. The Mexican Biker Ring or Souvenir Ring became a popular and legendary style with outsiders.

Hand crafted in New York City