Freewheelers Advertising Figure "ANCIENT MONSTER"


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Introducing the advertising figure from Freewheelers' "ULTIMA THULE EQUIPMENT".
The content is for the purpose of advertising ULTIMA THULE EQUIPMENT, and it is the Freewheelers' first PVC figure.

It is inspired from marine life, and based on nautical charts and materials from the 16th century. The design also used a motif for the brand's tag and logo.

The original story was a "whale" that people saw at the time in the 16th century.
It seems that people who saw that big "something" for the first time had their own imagination and humor, and imagined what it would look like.

The design and production is not easy. They started with sketches, used a computer to create drawings, and then used a 3D printer to create a three-dimensional object.
Although it is 3D, the left and right sides are intentionally designed to be slightly different in order to create a texture that looks like it was crafted by human hands.

Dimension :
42 cm length x 24 cm width x 20 cm height

Come in a big exclusive freewheelers box.
Display it in your favorite space and enjoy it.