Freewheelers "Blystone" Mechanic Shirt



#2333006 "Blystone" Mechanic Shirt
1930s Style Work Clothing 
Color: Dark Orange Red x Crimson x Cream 

Introducing the " Blystone " Mechanic Shirt from Freewheelers "UNION SPECIAL OVERALLS" collection. This shirt is inspired by work shirts designs from the 1930s.

The collar features a chin strap and buttons to secure the strap when not in use. The chest pockets are asymmetrical, reminiscent of work jackets. The right pocket has a flap, while the left pocket has a watch pocket, creating a unique design. The side slits have gussets, and the inner front placket features a Union label. The buttons are made of urea. The fabric is made of original cotton flannel, which has a nice weight and texture. The inside is brushed, providing a soft and comfortable feel against the skin.

The color combination is appealing, making it suitable as a standalone top or as a layering piece with outerwear or vests. 

Made in Japan