Freewheelers Buffalo and Logo Heavy Mug



This is a milk glass mug made by Olde Milk-glass Co. in Japan.
Olde Milk-glass Co. reproduces cups made of milk glass which was widely used in the United States in the past, but it's quite difficult to find today. 

It is thick and heavy.
Freewheelers logo print on a side and their iconic buffalo image print on the other side.
Not only can it be used as a regular mug, but it also looks cool for home decoration and displaying.

Color : Jadeite
Height: 9 cm
Diameter of the bottom : 7.5cm
Weight: 340 g 

The white line on the middle across the handle is not a defect, it's a natural mark/sign of how the mugs were made. Every mug comes with that sign.

Made in Japan