Freewheelers "El Mirage Dry Lake V8 Flatties" Work Shirt



Fueler " El Mirage Dry Lake V8 Flatties "
1920s Work Clothing Style
Color : Cream

The fabric is woven by strong twisted yarn, giving it a fleshy and crisp feel.
Singe-burned technique to remove the surface fluff, made it a smooth texture without roughness.

Flap and pleats on the chest pockets.
A union label on the inside of the placket.
Urea buttons
This is a custom model with a print.
The print has a blurred texture, and each piece has a different texture.
The image created is a work shirt worn by the team staff of Flatties', a fictitious shop responsible for tuning and customizing V8 engines, participated in the race held at El Mirage's Dry Lake. It is absolutely a heavy weight work shirt, the fabric is solid but very comfortable after a few washes.