Freewheelers "Frontenac" Sweat Shirt




Freewheelers -  "POWER WEAR" Label
#2334006 "Frontenac" Sweat Shirt (Fabric woven by old loop wheel machines in Japan)

1930-1940s Style Set-in Sleeve Sweat Shirt 
Color : Jet Navy x Blaze Orange  

Made in Japan

Introducing the latest addition to the Freewheelers "POWER WEAR" collection - the sweatshirt you've been waiting for! This sweatshirt is designed to be the ultimate combination of style, comfort, and durability.

They have carefully selected a medium-weight sweat fabric with a brushed lining that provides just the right amount of fleshiness. This ensures that you stay warm and cozy without feeling suffocated. The set-in sleeves and double needle sewing guarantee a perfect fit and long-lasting quality.

Featuring a unique stripped body design in two-tone specifications, this sweatshirt is a true standout. The front boasts a rubber print that cracks easily, adding a touch of vintage charm. On the back, we have incorporated an airbrush print that adds an extra layer of coolness.

The inspiration behind the content of this sweatshirt comes from a promotion for a Frontenac brand cylinder head that was once produced and sold by a certain renowned company. The back print proudly declares "EAT NO DUST," conveying the message that you never have to drive behind others because your vehicle is the fastest.

With a short content length, this sweatshirt is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist yet impactful design. Whether you're hitting the streets or chilling with friends, this sweatshirt will become your go-to choice.