Freewheelers "Glazier" Work Jacket



"GLAZIER" Work Jacket
1920s style work clothing 
Color : Natural White
Made in Japan 

The Glazier Work Jacket is inspired by the 1920s work jackets worn by workers handling window glass in buildings. It features a short length and is designed with triple stitching, giving it a strong and sturdy appearance that is characteristic of workwear.

The jacket is made from cotton duck fabric in a natural color, giving it a timeless and versatile look. It's collarless, and the buttons are tack buttons, adding to the rugged appeal of the jacket. The front of the jacket is pleated, with stitched details for added reinforcement.

The chest pockets are asymmetrical in design, with the right pocket placed slightly lower and featuring a patch pocket. The left pocket is a unique shape, with a watch pocket and a pen holder.

At the back and waist, there is a cinch back with buckle details, adding both functionality and style. The jacket is finished off with a Union Special label at the neckline.

The Glazier Work Jacket combines vintage-inspired design with practical features, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate both style and functionality.