Freewheelers "Headwind" Trekking Pant




Cordura Fabric x Cool Max 
Water Absorption Quick Dry Stretch Twill
Cotton 40%  Polyester 32%  Nylon 28% 
Made in Japan 

Color : Heather Navy

These athletic pants are versatile for outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, trekking, jogging, and traveling. 
As a feature, Cordura x Coolmax blended fabric is used for the fabric. Cordura
fabric has 7 times the strength of ordinary nylon. Coolmax, a high-
performance fiber with excellent water absorption and quick drying properties, are used. In addition, the fabric has a stretch function, so it is a material that is good at mobility. It is thin and light, and does not have the rough feeling as some regular nylon materials. The design is based on the "TRAIL RUNNER" released in the past.
Elastic waist with a nylon cord . Zipper fly. 
Gussets on the knees to create a three-dimensional structure that enhances
exercise function
Rubber elastic hems to protect from rain, wind, and dust. The back is double reinforced with a hip patch. There are tool pockets on both thigh. It has a tapered silhouette.

Do not tumble dry