Freewheelers - The Vanishing West Lot-601XXC Denim 1937 Model




14oz Indigo Denim ( One Washed / Minimum Shrinkage Expected )
100%  Cotton
5 Pockets
High Rise Straight Cut 
Pink Selvedges
Deerskin Leather Patch
Thick Copper Rivets
Chain Stitched Hem
Cinch Back
Button Fly
Made in Japan

From the mid-1930s, some denim companies attached a red tab in order to be different from others. The red tab installation began around 1935-36. The position of the tab is slightly higher. Exposed rivets have the drawback of damaging objects in work, so they hide the back pockets rivets by covering them with denim fabric.
The different specifications were introduced from 1935, and it seems to have been completely established in 1937. "CONCEALED RIVET", the so-called hidden rivet, was established. It is believed that the XX was followed by a C in the early days.
In addition, the hidden rivet uses a single claw. There are no suspender buttons, but the cinch back is a remaining detail. A thin layer of anti-rust is applied to the surface of all buttons. The curve of the front pocket opening is slightly larger, and the coin pocket is also slightly larger. There is another rivet on the crotch part.
The side seam stitching is a unique detail with different stitches, they used lock stitches and chain stitches together. (See inside.)
The fabric uses the original 14 oz indigo denim.
Compared to the classic 1947 model 601XX, this indigo denim is darker and reddish.
There are many many small details made these jeans a piece of art!! Try them, you won't be disappointed. 



Chain Stitch Hem Service 

We are proud to offer the original chain stitch hemming service with the first generation union special sewing machine. With your purchase of a pair of denim in our store, we offer the service for $25 for the hemming. Click here to add the hem service.