Freewheelers "Jungle Fatigues" Tropical Trousers



1960s Civilian Military Style Clothing
Color: Olive

-Relaxed silhouette
-Flap buttoned pockets 
-A gusset below the cargo pocket
-Button fly
-Drawcord on the hem
-Sulfur dyed cotton
-Made in Japan

Introducing the Jungle Fatigue Tropical Trousers from Freewheelers' "UNION SPECIAL OVERALLS" collection. Inspired by the 6-pocket field pants used by the US military in the 1960s, these trousers have been adapted for civilian wear with added modifications.

These cargo pants feature a spacious silhouette with six pockets. Both the front and back pockets come with flaps, and the cargo pockets have gussets for extra room. All flaps are buttoned, giving them an exposed appearance. The front closure is a button fly, and there are drawcords at the hem.

Constructed from olive-colored sulfur-dyed cotton back satin fabric, these trousers are prone to developing a faded appearance over time.

With their generous silhouette, these trousers offer a voluminous look that adds character to any outfit. While they can be styled simply with just a t-shirt in the summer, military-inspired pants like these make for excellent statement pieces.