Freewheelers Lot 506XX Denim Jacket 1933 Model



Lot 506 XX 1933, the 1st Generation Denim Jacket 1933-1934 model
Fabric : 14oz indigo denim (washed)

Known as the 1st generation or type 1 denim jacket, made by "THE VANISHING WEST" line of Freewheelers.
It's a reproduction of the type 1 that has been made for about half a century.

However, the type 1 shows some changes in details over time. This version by freewheelers was produced as a 1933 model, they tried their best to make all details and features the same as the original 1933 version. 

The fabric compared to the classic 1947 model 506XX, this indigo denim is slightly darker and a little more reddish. "Vanishing West" logo engraved buttons are used on this version, and they are lightly coated with anti-rust coating.
In addition, there are differences in details such as a wide-spread collar, slightly deeper yoke, rounded pocket flap, thinner pleats, wider roomier sleeves, and slightly shorter sleeves. When it aged and faded, the jacket will be more beautiful and unique!