Freewheelers Lot 506XX Denim Jacket 1942 WW II Model




  • 14oz Indigo Denim ( One Washed )
  • 100%  Cotton
  • 1942 WW II  Model - Type 1 Denim Jacket
  • THE VANISHING WEST Engraved Buttons
  • Flap Pocket
  • Leather Patch
  • Cinch Back
  • Riveted Pocket Corners
  • Made in Japan

Introducing the Lot506XX, also known as the 1st Type Jacket, from Freewheelers' "THE VANISHING WEST" collection. This jacket is a faithful reproduction of the original 1st model that has been crafted for nearly half a century. Over time, the type 1 underwent several detail changes. This version replicates the 1942 model.

During World War II, material control was enforced to boost the production of military supplies, leading to simplifications in clothing and workwear specifications. However, this product retains the details seen in garments from 1937 to 1941, reflecting a unique period around the first half of 1942 when denim garments were produced using the denim of the war era, believed to have been manufactured for only a brief period.

Made from the original 14-ounce indigo denim, this fabric features slightly thicker warp yarns and a dark indigo dye to minimize fading. In comparison to the classic 1947 model 506XX, this indigo denim fabric appears darker.

The jacket's front features a 5-button closure with the chest flap still intact. Original iron buttons with a thin clear coating, which may develop rust over time or already show signs of rust. The collar and cinch back fabric are oriented vertically, with a needle-pierced black buckle on the cinch back. Pay attention to the stitching on the chest pocket flaps and the box stitch pleats, as they may vary slightly in size and shape depending on the era, making it intriguing for those who own jackets from different periods.

This jacket caters to enthusiasts with its highly specialized design. Enjoy exploring the differences in era and specifications.