Freewheelers Lot 507B Black Denim Jacket 1960 Model


The 2nd Generation Denim Jacket 1960 Model
Color : Black
Made in Japan

In the 1950s and 1960s, a motorcycle shop called Motorcyclone Garage which was based in Oakland California. This jacket design was inspired by that cycle shop and its stories, made by Freewheelers "Vanishing West" line. 

By using a 14 oz black denim fabric, not too thick or heavy, but very comfortable to wear in all seasons. The warp yarn is a natural uneven thread using ultra-long cotton dyed black, the weft yarn woven by a vintage loom using the yarns dyed by cheese dyeing method. Fabric is one washed to prevent from too much shrinkage. The front pockets are slightly bigger, and the flaps are a little shorter. The buttons are copper-plated on the iron buttons, smoke finished. Very beautiful jacket with all finest details,  grab yours now!!