Freewheelers Lot 601XX Denim 1942




Lot 601 XX 1942" - 5 Pocket Jeans  1942 WWII Model 

Introducing the Lot 601 XX 1942 model from Freewheelers' "THE VANISHING WEST." Recognized as a five-pocket jean with a cinch-back and crotch rivet, the 1937 model featured hidden rivets from 1937 onward. During material rationing in America in 1941, the War Production Board ordered restrictions on the use of copper in 1942, making copper parts difficult to obtain. As a solution, iron was chosen due to its cost-effectiveness, and parts manufacturers selected iron as a substitute for copper. In keeping with the VANISHING WEST's world, original iron parts were produced and plated with nickel or copper, used alongside copper rivet parts. Additionally, regulations later banned the use of more than nine bartacks or rivets.

Design changes and simplifications in clothing were introduced, but this product is modeled after the valuable pre-simplification designs. The design retains the cinch-back, crotch rivet, and coin pocket rivets, using copper-plated iron parts for the hidden rivets. The fabric is dark indigo denim used during the wartime period. These jeans are believed to have been manufactured in the first half of 1942, during a very limited and short period.

The fabric is the manufacturer's original 14oz indigo denim. The front buttons are iron buttons engraved with VANISHING WEST, and the pocket, crotch, and coin pocket rivets are copper. The cinch-back buckle is an iron black buckle. The side seams are stitched with original No. 4 thread. The sewing on the left side of the back panels is higher, overlapping the right side. Compared to the 1937 model, changes in the pocket shape and cinch-back curve can also be observed, making it interesting to compare if you own one.

  • "Original 14oz Indigo Denim"
  • 100% Cotton 14oz Indigo Denim, One Washed
  • Made in Japan