Freewheelers "MUROC RILEY SPECIAL" Wind Master Flying Jacket



Introducing the wind master winter flying jacket from the esteemed real name series "LEATHER TOGS" created by Freewheelers. Drawing inspiration from a flying jacket from the early 1930s, Leather Togs has been designing custom jackets for motorcycle riders and aviators. Freewheelers, under the real name "Leather Togs", takes pride in recreating vintage jackets and other items while adding their own unique touch.

During the 1920s and 1930s, there was a significant advancement in airplanes and flight suits, marking a pivotal era in aviation history. This period saw the creation of various styles, including long coats and one-piece suits, as well as separate top and bottom combinations.

The design of the wind master winter flying jacket draws influence from the B-1 or B-2 jacket, originally crafted from leather. Due to its rarity, there are very few existing copies of this jacket, with many having their pockets removed over time. Freewheelers has recreated this valuable gem, adding their own interpretation to the design.

The jacket is made from an original jungle cloth fabric, known for its thickness and paraffin coating. The lining features 100% alpaca pile, providing both density and a soft touch. Additionally, the jacket boasts a triple-layered structure with flannel sandwiched between the outer shell and lining.

The large collar is made of sheepskin shearling and features a stand collar with a separate strap. When the collar is raised, a wax cord loop ensures a secure fit around the neck. The back of the collar showcases intricate zigzag stitching.

The front of the jacket showcases an offset curved design, opening and closing with a zipper. The top button is a snap button, and the zipper features WHIZZER's logo, known for its fan-shaped claw type and U-shaped top with eyelet specifications.

The chest pocket is attached to a cotton flannel base fabric, featuring a flap and button closure, as well as gusseted pockets. The cuffs are zippered, with the zipper also featuring WHIZZER's logo and its fan-shaped claw type. The jacket also includes a waist belt with an iron buckle.

Upon opening the front, a pocket with a snap button closure can be found. The lining, made of 100% alpaca pile, extends to the sleeves. The neck features an aviation clothing label.

This custom model showcases a patch from Gilmore Oil, a sponsor at Muroc, on the chest. The patch is luxuriously embroidered on felt. The back of the jacket features an airbrushed print of the engine manufacturer Riley's racing team, with the number 4 representing a 4-cylinder engine.

With its heavy and sturdy feel, the wind master winter flying jacket is the perfect companion for the cold season. Embodying the history of its time and Freewheelers' unique manufacturing approach, we invite you to experience this exceptional jacket.