Freewheelers - The Vanishing West Lot-601XX Denim 1947 Model




14oz Indigo Denim ( One Washed )
100%  Cotton
5 Pockets
High Rise Straight Fit
Hidden Rivets
Orange Selvedges
Leather Patch
Thick Copper Rivets
Chain Stitched Hem
Button Fly
Late 1947 Model 
Made in Japan


These jeans are a denim enthusiast's dream! The front buttons have been treated with a beautiful cream yellow enamel paint, not only giving them a unique look but also preventing any pesky rust. As these jeans age, they will develop a fascinating patina that will tell a story of their own.

The fabric of these jeans is truly special. You'll notice the knots and slubby textures, which are result of blending five different thickness yarns for the warp yarns. The weft yarns, on the other hand, consist of a single yarn. This combination creates a visually interesting and textured fabric that sets these jeans apart.

But it doesn't stop there! These jeans have been finished like a new pair of old stock Levis, giving them a vintage feel right from the start. They have undergone a one wash process, making them incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. However, it's important to note that they may still shrink about 1/2 inch after a few washes.

If you're a denim lover, these jeans are an absolute must-have for your collection. The attention to detail, unique features, and comfortable fit make them a standout choice. So why wait? Add these amazing jeans to your wardrobe and enjoy the journey of watching them age beautifully


Chain Stitch Hem Service 

We are proud to offer the original chain stitch hemming service with the first generation union special sewing machine. With your purchase of a pair of denim in our store, we offer the service for $25 for the hemming. Click here to add the hem service.