Freewheelers - The Vanishing West Lot-S601XX Denim 1945 Model


14oz Indigo Denim ( One Washed )
100%  Cotton
Simplified laurel main button
Plain iron donut buttons / Button Fly
5 Pockets
Flannel pockets bags
High Rise Straight Fit
Light Pink Selvedges
Leather Patch
Thick Copper Rivets
Chain Stitched Hem
Made in Japan


Due to the World War II, material control was carried out to strengthen the production of munitions.Clothing and work clothes were also restricted, and all the features and details were simplified.

The "S" in "S601XX" means Simplified.

The Freewheelers used an iron laurel main button instead of using the logo engraved button. 
The rivets of the coin pocket are removed.
In addition, because there were a lot of remaining fabrics after they made clothing during WWII, they use the cotton flannel fabric for the pocket bag.

With all kinds of restrictions, "The Freewheelers" is not compromised on fabrics and sewing. They believe that the quality of "The Vanishing West" 's products should be still the best. 
Rejecting the restrictions on lowering the fabric weight, the warp yarn count is slightly thicker than before, and they used a dark indigo dye that does not easily fade. In order to have the highest quality of sewing, they used thick thread count yarn and aimed for high quality and strong durability.
All sewing threads are yellow cotton threads.
Laurel buttons and plain donut buttons are originally created for the war model.

Many denim enthusiasts will be fascinated by the details that occurred in denim manufacturing during the war.



Chain Stitch Hem Service 

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