Freewheelers "USN NEW YORK" Sweat Shirt



Sideway series sweatshirt from Freewheelers' "ULTIMA THULE TACTICAL" label.

The sweatshirt fabric is a mixture of cotton (89%) and cordura nylon (11%). The fabric is used horizontally, and ribbed on both sides with excellent water absorption, quick drying, and durability.
The horizontal use of the fabric prevents it from shrinking in the vertical direction.

Compared to the vintage reverse weave, this item has a relaxed silhouette overall, making it easier to wear.

The printed design is inspired by souvenir sweatshirts sold at the US Coast Guard base in New York in the 1970s and 80s.
"USN" and an anchor mark are printed on the upper row.
The lower part is a specification with the letters "NEW YORK" printed.
The inside is not brushed, so you can wear it for a relatively long season.


Color: Oatmeal
89% Cotton  11% Cordura Nylon
Ribbed Cuff and Hem
Shrink to fit  
Vintage Style Rubber Print
Made in Japan