Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse "Randall" Leather Jacket

Mister Freedom

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The original Mister Freedom® Ranch Blouse is their iconic denim jacket model that have been covering Americans’ backs for over 100 years.

We are excited for this release of the staple Ranch Blouse pattern in black veg-tan "Tea-Core" full-grain cowhide, exclusively developed for MF®. 


Black vegetable-tanned “Tea-Core” full grain cow hide leather, black topcoat with natural-color flesh side, milled and supple, about 2-3 Oz weight. 

* Early round-type collar, A-1 style.
* ‘Vintage’ boxy but fit silhouette.
* Pleated front with original MF® arrowhead dart stitching.
* Original MF® “M” stitching on chest pockets.
* Fully unlined, clean seams.
* Cotton corduroy collar and wrist cuff facing.
* Buckle back, adjustable, riveted.
* Original vintage-style MF® branded brass snaps closure.
* Mister Freedom® ‘The Sportsman’ woven label.
* High stitch-count, sturdy poly-cotton thread stitching.
* Made in California, USA.

"Tea-core” leather refers to an old-school tannery dyeing method, distinct from the more common dip-dyed method. “Tea-core” dyeing results in the skin side color being different from the flesh side color. If the fast-aging quality of “tea-core” leather is considered a defect by some, it contributes to a rewarding and desirable patina for others. 

As the jacket gets some mileage and naturally ages, normal abrasion of the black topcoat from wear will reveal the natural ‘pink’ underside, in turn evolving into a rich golden tone. With regular wear, with the expected nicks, scratches, water spills, natural sun-exposure and occasional conditioning with products such as Pecard Leather Dressing, the patina of your well-worn MF® Ranch Blouse jacket should be nothing short of “spectacular”.

The MF® Ranch Blouse in black veg-tan ’Tea-core” cowhide leather is designed and made in California by Mister Freedom®.