Old Joe - Oriental House Gown

Old Joe

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Inspired by vintage indoor wear, this jacket combines the elegance of classic slacks with the charm of a gown, giving it a unique oriental style reminiscent of bygone eras.

Crafted with utmost care, the jacket features a fancy herringbone pattern created by weaving together four different structures. The clever use of vertical and horizontal chambray adds an interesting visual element to the design.

In terms of colors, they've opted for a sophisticated combination of gray and ecru, which gives the jacket a familiar yet strong appearance. The yarn used is a blend of cashmere and worsted wool, resulting in a luxuriously soft texture both inside and out. Plus, it enhances the durability of the jacket.

To add that final touch of quality, a milled finish is applied, giving the jacket a high-end look and a satisfying fullness. 

Color : Fancy Herringbone 

97% Wool 3% Cashmere
Waist Strap
Relax Fit
Made in Japan

Please consider the 1/2 shoulder width with the sleeve length together as the length of the center back neck to cuff length.