Old Joe - Padded Back Rover Trousers

Old Joe


Introducing the Old Joe Padded Back Rover Trousers, a stunning addition to your wardrobe. These trousers boast a striking back style, featuring padded pockets that add a touch of elegance and functionality. Drawing inspiration from the archives of pre-war hunting attire, these trousers exude a timeless charm.

Crafted from 100% cotton heavy weight moleskin, these trousers offer durability and a unique coloring that is ready to be aged and faded with grace. The fabric has been carefully brushed to provide a warm and cozy feeling, ensuring your comfort throughout the day.

Available in a classic black color, these trousers are designed with a straight fit that flatters all body types. The attention to detail is evident in the thoughtfully placed pockets on the back, adding both style and practicality to your ensemble.

Expertly crafted in Japan, these trousers showcase the impeccable craftsmanship that the country is renowned for. With a short output content length, we want to deliver all the necessary information in a concise and user-friendly manner.

Upgrade your wardrobe with the Old Joe Padded Back Rover Trousers and experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and sophistication. Embrace the vintage-inspired design and make a statement wherever you go.


Color : Black


Straight Fit
100% Cotton Heavy Weight Moleskin
Pockets on the back

Made in Japan