Old Joe - “The Engineer” Artisan Leather Boots

Old Joe


Engineer boots are making a comeback after a long time. The new design takes inspiration from the 1930s, a time when leather was still relatively new. The first version of these boots features a shorter shaft length, giving them a lighter and more stylish appearance. Unlike traditional work boots, these ones eliminate the toe cap, resembling a classic roper boot instead. The overall vibe is reminiscent of old-fashioned boots.

To enhance the vintage feel, they added a narrow buckle that adds a touch of realism without being too flashy. This detail is an essential part of the product's charm. Old Joe's original narrow last is based on those used during that era, but it's been adjusted to suit modern lifestyles without going overboard.

For the horse leather version, they've sourced raw Italian hides, specifically horse butts, and tanned them using full vegetable tannins. This process results in a leather that appears thick and sturdy, but is also incredibly soft and flexible due to the ample oil content. The texture seamlessly blends with the skin, giving it a unique look. This high-quality horse leather is ideal for production as it doesn't have many imperfections. It boasts a calf-like appearance and a cow shoulder-like texture, ensuring it develops a beautiful patina over time.

They're perfect for those who appreciate the timeless appeal of classic footwear.


Italian horsebutt leather
Steel buckles
Neoprene by Biiltrete oils proof rubber heel
Vibram front outsole
Made in Japan


Old Joe's shoe size fits like UK size. 

Please take 1/2 size smaller than your normal size. 

For example you're regular US size 9 in your other leather boots, please take size 8.5 in these engineer boots. If you're US size 9 in your most tennis shoes or sneakers, take size 7.5 in these engineer boots.

Unfortunately, Old Joe is only making these three sizes for their footwear production. There is no other sizes available.