Old Joe Padded Back Rover Trousers ( Scar Face)

Old Joe


Color : Graphite 


100% Cotton
Horn Buttons
Welted Pockets
Regular Fit
Made in Japan

A pair of new trousers added to the Scarface collection this season, inspired by the captivating aura of aged fabrics found in archives. These textiles, once meticulously used and mended, possess a distinct presence that cannot be replicated. They have crafted a series that beautifully interprets the charm of worn-out materials that have transformed into something truly unique.

Our Scarface collection features a remarkable 11 oz colored denim. Through the process of rope dyeing, the warp threads are dyed in white, while the sulfur dye is applied solely to the warp threads, resulting in a fading effect reminiscent of classic denim. The weft threads are reactively dyed, adding depth to the fabric's color as it gracefully wears over time.

Discover the essence of time and artistry in our Scarface collection. Embrace the beauty of what has fallen apart and marvel at its reimagined splendor.