S.T. Dupont Leather and Metallic Double Cigar Case

S.T. Dupont


Welcome to the story of a 146 year-old visionary company with the savoir faire to craft objects of desire, coveted by the elite. Exceptional materials are prized for their quality, artisans are celebrated as artists and authentic history and heritage are ingrained in every process. S.T. Dupont's passion is for producing the finest in luxury products. A design atelier where ideas and innovation are brought to life and where quality rings true. These cigar cases mix fine leather with a metallic base to promise the safety of your traveling premium stogies.


  • Metallic base
  • Leather fitted top
  • Tight seal for secure protection
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in France


  • 18 x 6 x 3 cm
  • Holds up to 2 cigars
  • Fit up to 56 ring gauge