Saphir Pate de Luxe Wax

Shoe Care


Simply the best shoe polish wax in the world. Made in France, Saphir is still using their traditional formula since 1925. 

It's all natural wax based on turpentine, bee wax and some other nutrient waxes. Nothing harmful to your shoes leather. Designed to add gloss, soften, protect and scent your shoes, the polish works to keep your shoes looking shine as new.

Apply a small amount to your cloth and apply in a circular motion on your shoes, then use a horsehair brush for a better results. You can always apply couple coats until achieve the mirror shine you want with your polishing chamois cloth ( not a brush for mirror shine ). Not recommend to use too much on the vamp crease part, otherwise you may see a white crack when the wax dry after walking. 

Of course you can use it on any other leather accessories such as wallet, belt, bag, or any other high quality leather goods. 

Size : 100 ml